Hanging on her arms the monster whips her remorsely

  She had to stay on the pole for the rest of the dark night . . .

  Standing on het tiptoes she can barely hold on.

  The crucifation now was a fact!

How does it feel to be trained like a Pony girl, bitch?

Our slaves all carry a brand, a cross over their cunts ....

  You have confessed, honey. Now no one will remember your existence until you are burnt at easter.

  Where do you want it next? On your breasts?

Hello Slave . . . This is gonna be your bed, as you can see, is NOT for sleeping only!

Anyway, the poor girl was so tired that in spite of the awful position she felt asleep.

Hold still, Slave... We don't want the bricks falling down, do we?

Did you sleep well? O my god, you are as wet as a whore. Did you dream about my husband, huh?