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Down the road

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Some (text snippets) of the content of the depicted story above: Miss Amanda Banks, a rich heiress of Los Angeles and her lovely daughter, are driving to an all-girl spring break vacation in a Mexican coastal resort. The motorway is jammed and Amanda decides to take a shortcut. A fatal mistake, she and her daughter will never get back to the motorway. Ever. Fatality and a broken cold-drink dispenser make her cross Old Buford, the corrupted sheriff of El Monte County near the border. Old Buford is hurt... that snooty city brat treated him with great disrespect, she called him names... fat, stupid pig! And what was worse, she slapped him in public, in the only bar in miles. In his bar! The god news for Old Buford is that the woman is a stunning beauty, and that her young daughter is traveling with her... Just the two of them. An evil plan starts forming in Buford's sick mind... "This is Buford. You gotta couple a' cunts headed your way, south outta town. I'm thinking Chavez is gonna wanna take a look at 'em." Mother and daughter are detained and locked in the county jail in the basement of the sheriff's office... Nobody other than Buford and his lustful assistant know the whereabouts of the two women. The first night, Miss Amanda Banks is vilely blackmailed... Her captors threaten to abuse her young daughter and force her to submit to their filthy games... We are talking of rough, nasty sex... We are talking of deep sexual humiliation... We are talking of pointless sexual violence. Always in front of her daughter's terrified eyes, who, locked in the nearby cell, has no choice but to witness the abuse and degradation of her cherished mother! Always near him... ...feeling his rough hands, his fetid mouth... To his great regret, Buford realise that he can not hold his captives forever. So after a week of wild sexual frenzy, the women are offered to a Mexican slave trader... ...owner of hundreds of bordellos... Could the fate of the two women be worse?
-- DOWN THE ROAD -- Fantasy or reality? !!! Don't miss this cruel story of deep sexual humiliation and inhuman exploitation. !!!